Empathy Tattoos

Empathy Tattoos

John A. in Missouri created an empathy tattoo with his wife’s initials in it.

Dav N. says, Entre la sympathie et l’antipathie, le voyage permet de trouver l équilibre. L’empathie. Between sympathy and antipathy, travel makes it possible to find a balance. Empathy. I’m a believer about the homo empathicus


Morgan tattoo cropped

Morgan says: I’ve always been really sensitive to other people’s feelings

Albas tattoo

Alba San Nicolás’ tattoo

Empathy chest tattoo

David G. proudly shows his commitment to empathy.

Amanda tattoo

Amanda says, “I love this movement.”


Nils tattoo_empathy

Nils says, “I got my empathy symbol tattoo almost two years ago. the symbol is part of a bigger tattoo


Kristeena says: I’m a counselor who works with at risk youth and Empathy is my life.

Katie empathy tattoo

Katie says ”The empathy symbol is on my pinky. ”


Tyler says ” This tattoo reminds me everyday to be more understanding of others and hopefully live in a world where everyone can empathise with each other.”

James tattoo

James is proudly displaying his new tattoo that says, “Humility, Empathy, Respect”


Ronda says, “ I talk about this all the time and couldn’t wait to get my tattoo to be able to spread the love. “


George Aboagye says: “Hopefully I can increase awareness of the importance of this level of consciousness here in Ghana. “

Nathan tattoo 1

Nathan says, “Thanks for the inspiration.”

tattoo anonymous Jan 3 2017

I got a tattoo of the empathy symbol both to remind myself of a humongous part of me as well as to educate others on empathy.


image1 002

Amber says: Thank you for sharing the symbol for empathy with all of us, this was my first tattoo and I couldn’t have chose anything more meaningful to me! Empathy is key to happiness.

Fernando tattoo 1

From Fernando


As a social work graduate student, Kristin has a deep sense of compassion for the human condition but said she strives to expand her point of view to a more global perspective.

“My two passions are traveling and social work, so I think [this design] is a good representation of traveling and [how] empathy is a very important aspect of social work and my life,” Kristin said. “It also shows how you should show empathy to the whole world.”

Kristin said she hopes her tattoo of the world covered by an empathy symbol will remind herself and others to keep kindness in mind when interacting with people.

“If you approach people [from] an understanding standpoint, you’re going to find things that you have in common,” Kristin said. “If you take that perspective of ‘Everyone has their own way of doing things and that’s okay,’ then everyone will just get along more and there will be more peace in the world.”


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Loren says: Combined with a couple heart rates— one for frustration and one for appreciation . Empathy is the key