Empathy Tattoos

We’ve heard about people getting the empathy symbol as a tattoo, from Texas to Germany, from Ghana to Australia, and around the world! We appreciate this permanent commitment to spreading the message about the importance of empathy! Check out the ways people have put the empathy symbol permanently in their lives and out front to the world.


Danna B. recently enhanced her empathy symbol tattoo (colored with blue and green to represent the world) that she got in 2019. She added azaleas, which have special meaning to her, and the travel bracelets she got while traveling to many countries when she lived overseas.

Morgan says: I’ve always been really sensitive to other people’s feelings. The last year or two I recognized that I was extremely empathetic, to the point where I could feel other people’s energy or pain. I wanted to get a tattoo that represented how I put myself in other people’s shoes all the time. So I got the empathy symbol on my foot. I love how on the outside of me, people see what’s going on the inside me, sort of.




Bobby H shared this tattoo in March 2022. He says: I realized that I am an empath last year. I just thought I was weird, my whole life. Since then I have been learning to use my gift.





Mel sent us this new tattoo in January 2022. She says: “Hi! I’m a high school social worker in a urban school district where most of the students live in extreme poverty. I am also do teletherapy in the evenings. I believe empathy is the key to changing the world… here is my tribute to this wonderful symbol.”




     Tattoo from Mira. 


DRDavis posted this on a site for empaths in 2016. The Anarchic style represents how it feels to live as an empath sometimes.

Dani W. got this incredible tattoo in 2020. She says, “I’m so proud to show my commitment to a more empathetic world.”


Amanda says, “I love this movement. I am an introverted person by nature and though I consider myself considerate, empathy isn’t second nature for me. That is why I chose to have a permanent reminder that I need to try to see the world through others’ eyes. It’s my feather 🙂


Nils says, “I got my empathy symbol tattoo almost two years ago. the symbol is part of a bigger tattoo …. I also got the symbol on my bicycle. 😉 Greetings from Germany.

Kristeena says: I am from San Antonio and got this while visiting Los Angeles. I’m a counselor who works with at risk youth and Empathy is my life.



Katie says ” I got this done in August because I wanted to remind myself to be more empathetic and also because I wanted to educate people about empathy and what it’s all about. The empathy symbol is on my pinky. ”

Tyler says ” This tattoo reminds me everyday to be more understanding of others and hopefully live in a world where everyone can empathise with each other.”

  David G. proudly shows his commitment to empathy.








  Danna B’s empathy symbol tattoo has green on one side, and blue on the other, for the colors of the Earth.










Heather S. got the empathy symbol tattoo with a group of six family members! She says, “I love it!”








James is proudly displaying his new tattoo that says, “Humility, Empathy, Respect”

 Amber Joy Kostecki got the empathy symbol tattoo in 2021 to express her commitment to helping people, and to making the world a better place, particularly in the area of mental health, as expressed in her blog “The Empathetic Revolution (That Will End Mental Health Stigma.”


Tattoo from Alba San Nicolás

Ronda says, “Thank you for doing what you do. I talk about this all the time and couldn’t wait to get my tattoo to be able to spread the love.”








“An inspirational symbol indeed. Hopefully, I can increase awareness of the importance of this level of consciousness here in Ghana.” George Aboagye

Nathan says, “Thanks for the inspiration.”

I got a tattoo of the empathy symbol both to remind myself of a humongous part of me as well as to educate others on empathy. Empathy has played a huge role in my life. Without empathy, I wouldn’t be able to help out so many people on a daily basis as I do now. It’s truly a vow to always try my hardest to understand others. Please share!! I’d love to see this uploaded on the website.

Amber says: Thank you for sharing the symbol for empathy with all of us, this was my first tattoo and I couldn’t have chose anything more meaningful to me! Empathy is key to happiness.








  This university student in Texas got her tattoo with the world behind it.






From Fernando









From Jonathon

Melissa shows her commitment to empathy.

Ole J. in Norway got an artistic version of the empathy symbol.

In 2018, Ole J. (above) got the empathy symbol tattoo. In 2020, his mom got this beautiful tattoo!








Greetings from Miroslav B.









Tattoo from John A. in Missouri. it includes the initials of his wife.

Dav N. says, Entre la sympathie et l’antipathie, le voyage permet de trouver l équilibre. L empathie.

Between sympathy and antipathy, travel makes it possible to find a balance. Empathy. I’m a believer about the homo empathicus.




 Kenna says, “This empath symbol is near and dear to me.”









 Watercolor empathy tattoo









Raquelz says, I have tattooed on my skin what for me is the quality and the most important value of a person and the most scarce in the world in which we live. So that I never miss the EMPATHY . .

Llevo tatuado en la piel lo que para mi es la cualidad y el valor más importante de una persona y el que más escasea en el mundo en que vivimos.
Para que no me falte nunca la 𝐄𝐌𝐏𝐀𝐓𝐈́𝐀. .






A beautiful tattoo from Karen O.









Deb E., the creator of the Empathy Symbol, has been thrilled to see so many amazing tattoos sent to us from around the world, spreading and affirming the value of empathy. She has now joined the swelling ranks of those who are expressing their commitment to empathy in this permanent way.




Devin from San Francisco shows off his new Empathy tattoo








Zack says: In honor of my mom’s lifelong devotion to spreading empathy, my family and I got tattoos of the symbol she created. Here’s mine!