The Empathy Symbol in Action!

The Empathy Symbol is being used in many ways. You can find it on clothes, in jewelry, as part of logos, and more. We share some here with you, with the proviso that empathysymbol.com is not endorsing or vouching for any of these. If you want to add to this gallery, please contact us!

Water color effect T-shirt with Empathy symbol: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/1111760-empathy








Temporary empathy symbol tattoo. https://www.ohmytat.com/products/fake-social-work-empathy-symbol-temporary-tattoo-sticker






The empathy symbol with interlocking multiracial hands, available on tee shirts, mugs, as a sticker. https://www.teepublic.com/hoodie/919328-empathy-for-each-other







epic ethic ORIGINAL B&W Es copy 3.jpg Epic Ethic is a business that re-purposes textiles, in order to help save the environment. They have incorporated the Empathy Symbol into their logo. As they explain it, “Our logo was designed to incorporate the symbol for empathy, while also highlighting two abstract capital E’s. The three triangles represent the three main ideals we believe in; environmental sustainability, animal rights, and human rights.” https://www.epic-ethic.com/



The Empathy Symbol appears in social media expert Mike O’Neil’s upcoming book.









       You can find this empathy symbol necklace on Etsy if you search “empathy symbol.”








An Empathy Symbol sculpture done for Scotch College, Adelaide, Australia.