Babies are sociopaths

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  1. BizyLizy says:

    Not sure if I agree that babies start out as sociopaths. This would imply that sociopaths then never "outgrew" their infancy.

    Babies are self centered because they are so incredibly vulnerable and helpless (sociopaths are not) and have no other means of communicating this other than demanding cries. Evolution has ensured that the demanding cries of a baby get their needs met immediately. This is especially important since infants cannot typically go more than two hours between feedings.

    Babies also bond immediately and continually with their primary caregiver. Sociopaths do not know how to bond. Babies develop lasting and enduring bonds that can cause deep psychological damage should the bond be severed. Sociopaths can break ties quickly and easily.

    If your definition of a sociopath is only that they have no empathy, then perhaps a baby shares partly in this trait. But since the baby cannot communicate to us what she feels, even this we don't know for sure. I do know that when I held my newborn – if I was even slightly stressed or agitated – she would not nurse, not would she lay peaceful in my arms as she would if I was at peace.

    Babies are amazingly selfish, but for survival ensurance. Socipaths are amazingly selfish, but for their own self interest and lack of empathy.

    I don't believe that babies are selfish because they lack empathy. It is hardwired to neccesitate their survival.

    Interesting post.