Help Wanted: Supreme Court Justice

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  1. Nice write up. I was writing a presentation on customer service and empathy when I stumbled on your empathy logo and then this blog. Very interesting.

    The world will definitely be a better place if we can just have some empathy for ourselves. So mush progress and transformation will take place in no time.

    Daniel Pink spoke about empathy in a video clip & his book titled "A Whole New Mind" ( and also referred to JSPE (Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy) and noted that "Measures on the Empathy index correlate well with Patient Outcomes. The more empathic the doctor is the more likely you are to get better faster. Generalists score better than specialists, nurses do better than doctors, women do better than men." He also said, "Empathy cannot be outsourced and cannot be automated."
    -Shams (