Gay stigma fading away

Good news on the empathy front! New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow reports on the Gallup research organization’s findings […]

Empathy for Evil?

Are we required to have empathy for those who are evil? I recently watched the movie Hotel Rwanda. This is, […]

Haiti Vs. Congo

I was going to write about how the overwhelming response to the earthquake disaster in Haiti gives us clear evidence […]

empathy in kids

It was about 10 years ago, when I was volunteering in my son’s 6th grade classroom. It was Ramadan, and […]

being homeless

I got to experience a little bit of empathy for what it feels like to be homeless recently. My church […]


It ‘s good to experience being in the minority sometimes, if you are usually of the majority. My childhood experience […]

A co-worker shares

I am a teacher. Various in-service opportunities are offered at our school. One day, a co-worker in the administration area […]

Obama our brother

On Tuesday, January 20th, we were all brothers and sisters together as Barack Obama became our president. Everywhere, the tears […]