Wanted: Empathy

This essay was first published on the original Empathy Symbol website many years ago. It still applies. Remember the old […]

Respect and Empathy

I have been thinking lately about how empathy goes hand-in-hand with respect. You can’t really say you have empathy for […]


We hear a lot these days about how tribalism is increasing–us vs them, reds vs blues, etc. Along with this, […]

Empathy in 1847

A friend shared on Facebook a beautiful story of empathy from one oppressed people for another. The BBC told about […]

Moral Imagination

There is a beautiful article in the Opinion section of the New York Times that never uses the word empathy, […]

Empathy can hurt

Let’s be honest. It’s hard to deliberately subject yourself to pain. Which is what you’re doing if you’re an empathetic […]

Empathy for animals

A reader of the last blog post commented that empathy for animals is equally as important as empathy for humans. […]

Empathy for a bird

That’s right, for a bird. One tiny, meaningless little gull provoked a great deal of empathy among a group of […]

The Age of Empathy?

My son Zack just shared this article with me. It’s fascinating and thought-provoking, and highly recommended. It’s called, Six Habits […]

Science and Empathy

I just finished listening to a broadcast of a fascinating radio show about empathy, from a scientific viewpoint, that aired […]

Empathy in 6 words

Michele Norris of NPR has created an elegant, brilliant way to get the conversation on race kick-started again. It’s called […]

The Line Between

The empathy symbol is defined by the line between the two halves of the symbol, portraying two groups who would […]

Empathetic Rats

A friend sent me a very interesting link to a report about empathy in rats. I was interested for 2 […]

MILK for MLK Day

We just watched the movie “Milk” this evening, and it occurred to me afterward what an appropriate thing this was […]